Ambriz Recalled, Fans Tested


Hector Ambriz is the reason some fans don’t want to spend their money at Minute Maid Park this season. Hector Ambriz symbolizes losing. He symbolizes blown leads, saves, and homeruns. Hector Ambriz symbolizes everything that is wrong with the Houston Astros. Anytime Ambriz trots out of the bullpen, a feeling of hate runs through my body, and I get the hint that all Astros fans feel the same way.

Lets just look at the numbers. Ambriz is 2-4 with a whopping 5.40 ERA. That’s bad. Whats worse? He has pitched in 33.1 innings and has surrendered 46 hits! His hits per 9IP is a whopping crazy number of 12.42. For the traditional baseball fan who does not understand how bad that is, let me explain. H/9 is the average number of hits allowed by a pitcher in a 9 inning period. Ambriz’s is over 12. Horrendous.

Hector Ambriz was sent down to Triple A OKC two weeks ago due to his poor performance. In Triple A, Ambriz went 0-1 with a 1.80 ERA, but he only pitched in four games so it is an extremely small sample size. A move like recalling Hector Ambriz back to Houston is one that tests the fans patience. A true and loyal fan will stick by his or her team no matter what, but sometimes moves like this make is seem like the Astros are trying to lose. General Manager Jeff Luhnow has many options at his disposal. In AAA, he has Jarred Cosart (who dazzled in his MLB debut hurling 8.1 scorless innings), Brad Peacock, Asher Wojciechowski, Jason Stoffel, or Josh Zeid. Essentially, anybody but Hector Ambriz. I understand getting the number one overall pick again is great, but respect the fans a little bit.

If the Astros need a guy to come in and blow leads religiously and make millions doing it, I KNOW I can do that.


5 thoughts on “Ambriz Recalled, Fans Tested

  1. Bored@Work

    If the Astros need a guy to come in and blow leads religiously and make millions doing it, I KNOW I can do that.

    – We know that Kel

  2. Astros for life

    To be honest 33 innings isn’t a great sample size either… But yes, he does suck.

    Good article

  3. messiman27

    Good stuff man. I think I’m ok with tanking though if we come out the other side the way the Nats did. Fan base will explode once they are a playoff team again and we’ll be all the better for it. Finally getting youth and I think the guy upstairs knows what he’s doing. I’m excited. But back to the point. This dude sucks lol.


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