Jake Peavy changing Sox


According to NBC Sports, Jake Peavy is been dealt in a three team trade involving the White Sox, Red Sox and Tigers. The Red Sox have acquired Peavy from the White Sox and reliever Brayan Villarreal from the Tigers. The Tigers aquired shortstop Jose Iglesias from Boston. The White Sox are getting outfielder Avisail Garcia (AKA Minny Miggy) from the Tigers and three single-A and rookie level prospects from the Red Sox. Caught up yet?

How does this affect Bud Norris and the Astros? Each time a player on the trading block is dealt, it increases the chances of a team over paying for Bud Norris. With the Red Sox acquiring Peavy, the American League East just got a little bit tighter, and the Baltimore Orioles need to respond. They are very much involved in the Bud Norris sweepstakes. The ball is in the Astros court here, as they have all of the leverage. General Manager Jeff Luhnow will get the guys he wants, or nobody gets Bud Norris. The Orioles, Diamondbacks, and Pirates are the three teams currently in the mix, but anything can happen with Luhnow. (Example, Carlos Lee for Matt Dominguez)

Side note: The Astros are currently in Baltimore for a three game series. Would be interesting if Norris has to change clubhouses and pitch against Astros.


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