Get Out Now, Lucas


This season has been an absolute nightmare for the Astros, their fans and Lucas Harrell. After such a great rookie season last year, it appears as if Harrell believes he is owed something, like he is the greatest pitcher to wear an Astros uniform. When things don’t go his way (which is almost EVERY outing) he just puts on this pitiful crybaby act that we, as fans, are just sick of. He blames shifts, he blames the coaches, he blames errors, he blames the freaking weather, but never his ability. Which is odd because it appears that he currently has none at the MLB level anymore.

Last year he won 11 games and had a sub 4.00 ERA which, all things considered, was a great rookie season. Everybody around here was pumped at the beginning of the season to have a solid 1-2 punch of Bud Norris and Lucas Harrell at the top of the rotation. Well, Harrell apparently wants none of it. This guy really simply just does not want to be here anymore. It would be music to my ears to see this load of crap designated for assignment tonight after his one inning and FIVE earned runs performance. It’s like we are beating a dead horse when he walks to the mound and you almost know how this story ends. He has struggled to throw strikes all year. walking 77 with only 76 strikeouts over 133 innings of work. Need any more reason to get rid of him? Well, just for kicks, I’ll give you another one. He’s 28 years old, so it’s not like hes a young guy. I believe he hit his ceiling last year as a 27 year old rookie. There’s a reason the White Sox let him go, and there’s a reason why he was a rookie at age 27.

Time to take all the terrible posters of Lucas Harrell that are plastered all over Houston down. Sorry Lucas, but you cant blame 3 walks and a three run homerun on infield shifts. Time to go. Hope to see you never.


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